Shute Harbour Marina

November 29, 2019
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The proposed Shute Harbour marina is to be located in Shute Harbour, adjacent Airlie Beach, in the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland.

Magryn have undertaken the design of:

  • sheet pile wharf areas around the marina
  • land fill areas for housing and retail/hotel development
  • stormwater design
  • road design

Shute Harbour is in a tropical cyclone-prone area and all design work undertaken took this into account.

The design also had to account for the existing soft marine clay which allowed potential for post-construction settlement, as well as the presence of underlying volcanic rock. Magryn considered these unique design parameters as well as other factors in relation to the construction methodology when designing the sheet pile revetments and reclamation area. The design of the sheet pile breakwater around the marina incorporated a trafficable glass fibre reinforced concrete pile cap.

Approvals have been received for the development and construction works are to commence shortly.

Port Augusta Heritage Wharf Assessment

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The historical timber main wharf at Pt Augusta was built in 1870 and has seen irregular and adhoc maintenance over the years.

In 2018, Magryn undertook a comprehensive assessment of the whole of the wharf, including timber decking, wharf substructure and timber support piles, both above and below water level.

This assessment showed that the wharf is in poor condition and urgently in need of maintenance and structural repair. A plan was formulated by Magryn to allow this project to be tackled over several years, with the most urgent areas of concern address first.

If these works are carried out it is anticipated that the historical wharf can be retained and used for recreational purposes of the community into the future.

Construction of Emu Bay Boat ramp

April 12, 2019
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Magryn Engineering have been involved with the Emu Bay Boat ramp, on the northern coast of Kangaroo Island since 1999.

We have undertaken several upgrade designs to the original ramp which unfortunately was very limited and inadequate.

Emu Bay Boat Ramp from the local Jetty

Kangaroo Island Council and Team Civil are now involved in the rebuilding of the ramp to provide a better facility including:

  • A triple lane boat ramp,
  • Two stepped jetties from FRP Construction,
  • Better roadway access
  • Formalised rigging/de-rigging areas,
  • Rock armour protection around the ramp area.

The ramp is located in an exposed location, and floating pontoons were not feasible for this site.

The new Whyalla Jetty

November 1, 2018
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The existing public access fishing jetty which extends out from the breakwater at the marina at the eastern end of the town beach is in very poor condition and is unsafe for public use.

A decision has been made by the City Council of Whyalla to replace the jetty with a new structure, to act as the centrepiece for the revitalisation of Whyalla.

The construction of the jetty is to be a partnership between the City Council of Whyalla, the South Australian Government, and the new owners of the Whyalla Steelworks, GFG Alliance.

Magryn is delighted to be appointed design engineers for the project and to be involved in the upcoming construction.

The jetty is to be a steel substructure, with precast concrete decking over. The concrete is to be reinforced with glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) reinforcement to ensure the structure is safe from “concrete cancer” in the future.”

Coast engineering project Whyalla

 Rendered images provided by our client

Coast engineering project Whyalla Jetty

Rendered images provided by our client

Proposed Coast engineering project Whyalla Jetty

Rendered images provided by our client


Coastal Engineering – Whyalla Jetty

January 31, 2018
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Whyalla Jetty Project

We are undertaking a design for a new fishing jetty at Whyalla, after the existing jetty was closed last year due to damage and degradation. Part of our scope of works is to present three options for the new jetty construction, which will be:

  • Steel piles and superstructure, as Whyalla is a steel producing town. These are to be protected with a marine grade paint system.
  • Concrete piles and superstructure, but using high strength marine grade concrete and glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) reinforcement in lieu of normal steel reinforcement. This GFRP is stronger than steel and will not rust, negating the “concrete cancer” problem common in concrete structures in the marine environment. This GFRP is now manufactured in Australia to world-class standard and offers a leading edge of technology.
  • Steel piles with composite fibre beams and decking. These are beams and decking manufactured from fibreglass and will not rust. This provides a solution that largely avoids rusting of steel or concrete cancer and should have a much greater maintenance free lifespan. Again, these products are Australian manufactured.

This work is currently in the site investigation and preliminary design phase.

Whyalla Jetty - Current State

Whyalla Jetty – Current State

Whyalla Jetty - Current State

Whyalla Jetty – Current State

Whyalla Jetty - Current State

Whyalla Jetty – Current State

Whyalla Jetty - Current State

Whyalla Jetty – Current State

Coastal Engineering – Seawall Projects

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Coastal Engineering – Seawall Projects

Recently we have quite a few new and large coastal engineering projects at Magryn.

These include:

Rock Seawalls – Point Turton, Yorke Peninsula in South Australia

We have two at Point Turton on Yorke Peninsula, one being 400m long.

seawall port turton

Prior to seawall works commencing

During seawall construction

During seawall construction

Moonta Bay Seawall Installations

Magryn Engineering have also designed and supervised installation of several seawalls at Moonta Bay, one being 85m long.

Seawall Installation at Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Seawall Installation at Moonta Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia


All of these are rock revetment seawalls are designed to resist the local wave action on unstable and eroding cliffs, and prevent further erosion, protecting buildings, housing and infrastructure. All the walls are site-specific designs for the conditions at that site.

There was an article on the Yorke Peninsula Country Times Newspaper 17 January, 2018 on the Pt Turton seawall and in the same paper on 24 October, 2017 and 17 October, 2017 for the Moonta Bay seawall.