Shute Harbour Marina

November 29, 2019
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The proposed Shute Harbour marina is to be located in Shute Harbour, adjacent Airlie Beach, in the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland.

Magryn have undertaken the design of:

  • sheet pile wharf areas around the marina
  • land fill areas for housing and retail/hotel development
  • stormwater design
  • road design

Shute Harbour is in a tropical cyclone-prone area and all design work undertaken took this into account.

The design also had to account for the existing soft marine clay which allowed potential for post-construction settlement, as well as the presence of underlying volcanic rock. Magryn considered these unique design parameters as well as other factors in relation to the construction methodology when designing the sheet pile revetments and reclamation area. The design of the sheet pile breakwater around the marina incorporated a trafficable glass fibre reinforced concrete pile cap.

Approvals have been received for the development and construction works are to commence shortly.

Port Augusta Heritage Wharf Assessment

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The historical timber main wharf at Pt Augusta was built in 1870 and has seen irregular and adhoc maintenance over the years.

In 2018, Magryn undertook a comprehensive assessment of the whole of the wharf, including timber decking, wharf substructure and timber support piles, both above and below water level.

This assessment showed that the wharf is in poor condition and urgently in need of maintenance and structural repair. A plan was formulated by Magryn to allow this project to be tackled over several years, with the most urgent areas of concern address first.

If these works are carried out it is anticipated that the historical wharf can be retained and used for recreational purposes of the community into the future.

Celebrating 25 Years

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Magryn celebrated 25 years in business this year, growing slowly but steadily over that time to a current staff of 14.

Celebrations were recently held at Jolly’s Boathouse on the Torrens River, with staff and partners, clients, past staff members, service providers and friends enjoying a cocktail party.

The food, wine and night was enjoyed by all.