Cowell Foreshore Upgrade and Marina

November 29, 2019
Filed under: Coastal Engineering,News — Magryn @ 4:17 pm

The works proposed for the Cowell foreshore, in pristine Franklin Harbour, including:

  • a new marina located off the boat ramp access channel, with upgrades to breakwaters
  • extensive wharf areas with boardwalks
  • accommodation and retail facilities
  • improved traffic flow.

The initial stage of the works have commenced in 2019, and involve temporarily bunding off the existing marina, which is to be excavated in the dry to a depth that enables use of the marina by large commercial craft.

The design of the surrounding breakwater upgrades accommodates for sea level rise to ensure design life expectations are met. The design required stakeholder and community engagement, in particular consideration was given to the local oyster punts that regularly use the boat ramp and wanted to retain the existing tyre wharf.

Magryn implemented this into the design, as well as giving careful consideration to the environmental impact in a sensitive area such as Cowell.