Investigation, analysis, design and documentation of a variety of unusual projects is the general idea.

We undertake structural engineering design on numerous projects that are considered unusual and just that bit different, among them:

  • works of public art for artists and councils
  • special purpose structures such as cradle support for ships
  • design of balustrade systems
  • design of offshore navigational aides
  • large cable stayed tensile shade structures

The gamut is vast and embraces temporary or light assemblies with minimal load, heavy fully engineered structures; material preferences from steel and aluminium to concrete or timber.

Our preferred structural analysis packages – Microstran for general analysis of most structures and the state-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis package, Sofistik – give us the ability to analyse most types of structures, statically and dynamically, Mpanel – a finite element analysis package for tensile shade structure analysis and design.